9 reasons to add the Bass Coast Music Festival to your list of things to do in British Columbia

Pandemic restrictions have finally been lifted and concerts and music festivals are in full swing this summer.

With so many activities competing for your attention, it’s important to choose the best experiences for an unforgettable summer.

Bass Coast is one of those experiences – an incredible time well worth visiting.

It’s like stepping into another world


Forget about the other festivals you’ve been to that are just stages set on a pitch; Bass Coast is so incredibly beautiful. The festival grounds are landscaped in all sorts of art, and it’s all set in the mountainous valley of Nicola with a refreshing river running through it.

Exploring art installations is so much fun



This year, Bass Coast featured 57 interactive art installations, the largest temporary public art exhibit in the province.

art installation


“From suspended sculptural rings made of discarded books that evoke the giant ancient trees that once stood on these floors, to a fully interactive version of DaVinci’s Ornithopter flying machine, this year’s Bass Coast installations invite you to explore the realms of the invisible, play and reinvent what’s possible,” co-founder Liz Thomson said in a statement.

Some fan favorites included a talking robot, a phone that let you talk to someone on the other end of the festival, and a light walk controlled by other attendees.

Discover amazing local (and international) DJs

dj kookum

Vancouver-based DJ Kookum performs on Bass Coast’s Slay Bay stage. (Bass Coast/Submissive)

Bass Coast prides itself on being the best organized in British Columbia to provide an unforgettable experience. This year’s headliner was the famous Claude Von Stroke, and the festival usually reserves plenty of local artists from British Columbia and Canada. DJ Kookum, DJ Shub, Hubbz, Shiny Things, Funk Hunters, Small Town DJs, Dan and Sicaria Sound were the highlights this year.

“We are looking for artists… who are bubbling. They may not be household names headlining big festivals, but they are the ones influencing those headliners,” co-founder Andrea Graham told Daily Hive in March.

It’s small enough to feel intimate

bass coast cabin scene

Bass Coast Cabin Stage (@basscoastfest/Instagram)

With ticket sales capped at around 5,000, Bass Coast is smaller than many other electronic festivals. It’s certainly crowded enough to feel like a party, but the crowds aren’t overwhelming and you can get close enough to the stages to really check out your favorite artists.

It will make you feel young again

kill bay zebra friends

Bass Coast/Submissive

The average age of participants at Bass Coast is relatively high – if you’re in your twenties, you’ll be one of the youngest. It’s refreshing to know that this is the kind of festival you can return to year after year and be in good company.

It is founded and led by women

The electronic music scene is known to be quite male dominated, and it’s a treat to experience a festival created by women without a corporate presence. There are plenty of female DJs on the lineup, and the festival feels like it has a feel-good vibe.

Of course, the music blasts until 6 am. But there are plenty of lounging spaces to take a break, morning yoga classes to ease tension, and even an outdoor spa where those who book ahead can get a massage or have their hair done.

Risk reduction is essential

bass coast main stage

Bass Coast/Submissive

Similar to other BC festivals, Bass Coasts offers free drug testing with fentanyl strips and benzo detection strips. It also has a spectrometer to analyze the samples in more detail.

The steps are to choose yourself

backstage cabin scene

The backstage view from the Bass Coast cabin stage (formerly Radio Stage). (@basscoastfest/Instagram)

Where else can you watch a DJ play from a wooden A-frame while you dance on the astroturf among the trees? The Cabin State feels like it’s hugged by the forest – there are even small trees growing on the dance floor.

Then there is Slay Bay by the river, where you can dance hard or listen to the rhythms of the riverbank while gazing at the mountains.

At noon, there’s also the Cantina stage, where the DJ plays from a low platform and fans can surround them in 360 degrees.

bass coast main stage

Bass Coast/Submissive

Then there’s the main stage which comes alive at night with light shows and back and forth streamers that make it cozy.

There’s nothing like a rejuvenating dip in the river

Wondering how you’ll stay clean after three days at a camping festival? At the end of the weekend, you will certainly feel grateful for the river.

It crosses the site separating the stages from the camping area, and although it is cold, it is perfect for beating the midday heat. Bonus: you’ll feel clean and ready to dance again. Many people bring camping chairs and floats for optimal cooling.

You could spend the whole day looking at festival fashion.

Gerald R. Schneider