After a 2-Year Halt, Wicked Woods Music Festival Returns Bigger and Better Than Ever –

In a nutshell, the best way to sum up Wicked Woods Music Festival 2022 is with Owen Wilson’s infamous phrase: “Wow”.

At this intimate Canadian festival, its organizers, staff, attendees and performers get really mean in the woods. Nestled in the heart of the Columbia Valley, just minutes from Fairmont Hot Springs, Wicked Woods is hosted on 144 acres of land, with a backdrop like no other.

The Unicorn Lounge, Wicked Woods 2022.

On Wednesday, May 25, potential attendees were welcomed to the festival site to set up camp and nestle in the woods for the weekend. In no time, the terrain materialized as the all-too-familiar land adorned itself with colorful tents, tapestries and LED lights.

Thousands of ravers were thrilled to finally be at a music festival again. There was a surreal and palpable feeling in the air.

The festivities kicked off at The Hallow on Thursday with a stellar hip-hop set from Sleeveless Records label boss Stylust. While all were surely ready to throw in after a two-year hiatus, it took some getting used to socializing and dancing all day and all night.

Stylust will perform on Thursday, May 26 at The Hallow, Wicked Woods 2022 stage.

Stylust will perform on Thursday, May 26 at The Hallow, Wicked Woods 2022 stage.

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But it wasn’t long before Wicked Woods came to life on Friday. By now everyone was settled and all three stages were open for business: The Hallow, The Unicorn Lounge, Ursus, and a bonus stage called The Portal. Although it was windy in the afternoon, the experience on the Ursus Stage was nothing short of spectacular thanks to the groovy sounds of the Lazy Syrup Orchestra and the panoramic views of the Columbia Valley and the Rocky Mountains.

Pristine festival vibes were bubbling on Saturday, the final day of Wicked Woods. Although it was the third and final day of the festival, you could feel the collective delight of the festival ravers, who knew this was just the beginning. Wicked Woods was one of the first Western Canadian music festivals to return after the global pandemic began.

Overall, connecting friends – old and new – at Wicked Woods 2022 was an integral facet of this intimate festival, which invited its guests to be true and authentic selves deep within nature. As mentioned, it took some getting used to, but we finally remembered why we love the electronic music scene with a burning passion.

After all, where can you see a guitarist dressed as Spider Man appear on stage during The Funk Hunters set? At a festival, almost everything is fine.

That’s the beauty of it all.

If you’re interested in splurging in the woods this fall, tickets for the September edition will go on sale soon. For more information browse here.



Gerald R. Schneider