Black Star International Film Festival set to build capacity of African creatives

The organizers of the Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF) have announced that the seventh edition aims to build the capacity of young creators within the global film and creative space, with a focus on Ghanaian filmmakers and Africans.

The 2022 event, they noted, will include skills-building and capacity-building workshops, film clinics and masterclasses. This will take place from September 21 to 24.

There will also be a professional film editing workshop and intellectual talk on topics not limited to: the art of documentary filmmaking, marketing and branding for independent film and music artists , characterization in cinema, scriptwriting, among others.

In addition, a panel discussion with expert representatives from across the film value chain on “Inspiring the Film Industry in Africa” will take place.

The panel will look at the strategies needed to build a formidable creative industry with a focus on young, emerging creators into marketable brands.

According to Philippa Bentuma Arthur, Director of the Black Star International Film Festival, “These skills-building and capacity-building sessions will help filmmakers harness and enhance their talents, encourage collaborative action, and sustain a commitment to long-term actors in the film industry.”

The seventh edition of BSIFF will kick off with a media night to create a platform for industry professionals to engage the media, deepen existing relationships and build new working relationships with key industry players. ‘industry.

More than 45 films by independent filmmakers from 15 countries will be screened at Silverbird Cinema, September 20-24.

BSIFF will close its seventh edition with an awards night to celebrate and recognize the efforts and contributions of independent filmmakers around the world.

The Black Star International Film Festival aims to bring together industry professionals from France, Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, USA, Uganda and 10 other countries, film students, distributors of film and media partners – as well as the creative community – to have a relevant conversation about the industry. , inspiring and developing strategies for a thriving film business landscape in Africa.

The Festival has also launched a BSIFF membership campaign where BSIFF members, referred to as ‘Black Stars’, can watch all 45 films at the Silverbird Cinema and attend all scheduled activities for free.

The Black Star International Film Festival runs from September 20-25, 2022 in Accra, Ghana.
Clients can visit their website to register and attend all BSIFF programs.

Gerald R. Schneider