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Festival tycoon is a new game on Steam that allows users to create their dream music festival.

The Minecraft-like video game was fully developed by Johannes Gäbler within two years. The principle of the game is to create and manage your own music festival, equipped with stages, visitors and programming. You will also need to maintain your company’s reputation while attracting the attention of rockstars and massive sponsors.

Currently, the game is in the “early access” (pun intended) stage, which means the game is in a nascent form of development. There will definitely be some glitches and bugs, but if you want to help with the development of the game, you can buy it now. Festival tycoon is currently only available on Windows.

According to Gäbler, the price of the game will continue to increase as it adds features and content.

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Festival Tycoon Video Playgrounds

There is an additional “Supporter Pack” for Festival tycoon, which can be purchased for $ 4.99. Gäbler says that doesn’t give anyone an unfair advantage. Downloadable content is a way for players to provide additional support for game development as well as Gäabler.

According to Gäabler, the pack includes:

• An in-game thank you card from me, the developer.
• A special role on the Festival Tycoon Discord server.
• A fan pack style via Discord Rich Presence (others can see that you are a fan via the “Playing Now” screen in Discord).
• A special in-game item only available through the Supporter Pack DLC.

You can buy Festival tycoon for $ 9.99 on Steam. Check out the trailer below.

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