Celebrating the collaboration between ASO and the film festival, the mayor of Alexandria proclaims the month of November “Magic Movie”

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Mayor Justin Wilson today signed a proclamation designating November “Movie Magic Month” to celebrate the confluence of film activities sponsored by the city’s major arts groups. The Alexandria Film Festival kicks off on November 6 with the launch of “Homegrown: American Stories in Music and Film”, its historic partnership with the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra. For one night only, the orchestra will perform works by American composers, screened “live to picture” with six new films commissioned specifically for these works. The orchestra will also perform “Images of an Exhibition” by Mussorgsky.

“There is indeed magic in the air when the great arts institutions of Alexandria join forces to create a new way of bringing films and live music together in the same space. I’m so proud of the creative innovation that has gone into this and the sense of adventure that comes with trying something totally new. Alexandria is an arts hub in November! The six filmmakers will be present and will answer questions from the audience with Maestro James Ross.

After the Homegrown concert, the film festival will air more than 40 films, from November 11 to November 25, Thanksgiving Day. “The festival is delighted to kick off its 15th anniversary with this historic event,” said AFF President Dara Sanders. “The range and diversity of film opportunities available to you this month exemplifies the creative energy, and yes, the magic that the arts bring to the city.”

The symphony and festival are joined by Del Ray Artisans, who will host “Groovy Movies: Artwork Inspired by Motion Pictures”, from November 5 to 28, 2021, an exhibition highlighting the art of film and cinema in art. Del Ray Artisans exhibition curator Karen Schmitz said: “We are delighted to be a part of this collaboration celebrating the phenomenal synergy of these art forms. “

The proclamation reads in part:

WHILE, the inaugural November 2021 collaboration between ASO and AFF, with Del Ray Artisans, is a historic step to harness the arts in Alexandria as a major asset and spotlight the talent of local, national and local musicians, filmmakers and visual artists international.

THEREFORE, I, JUSTIN M. WILSON, The Mayor of the City of Alexandria, Virginia, and on behalf of the City Council of Alexandria, hereby acknowledge November 2021 as:

In the city of Alexandria and I call this celebration to the attention of all our citizens.

About the Alexandria Film Festival—The Alexandria Film Festival (AFF) presents cutting-edge independent films to enthusiastic viewers in the National Capital Region. AFF is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization supported by a grant from the Alexandria Arts Commission and numerous corporate sponsors including Burke and Herbert Bank, Visit Alexandria, Old Town Hilton Hotel, Connection Newspapers, Alexandria Hyundai, James Connolly Real Estate Agent, Wilson Grand Communications, West End Business Association, Alexandria Living Magazine, Alexandria Times, Zebra Magazine and Safer Country.

About the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra—Alexandria Symphony Orchestra (ASO) has served the greater Washington, DC area for over 75 years. It presents a series of classical concerts and funds ASO Sympatico, an El Sistema-inspired music education program in public schools in the city of Alexandria. ASO also presents a free outdoor pop music concert during Alexandria’s annual birthday celebration every July and offers chamber concerts, recitals and small ensembles in the community throughout the year. Through its concerts, events and community involvement, ASO strives to provide quality, affordable and accessible music to the service of more than 10,000 people each year.

About Del Ray Craftsmen—The Del Ray Artisans (DRA) was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote art for the benefit of artists and the community. In 2022, DRA will celebrate its 30th anniversary in Alexandria by making art available and accessible to the general public and by supporting the full range of artistic efforts of creative expression in the visual, performing and applied arts, including exhibitions by monthly art, free and low cost events. , an arts camp for young people and special programs for all skill levels.

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