Clayne Crawford’s film shot in Alabama will be screened at the Sidewalk Film Festival

The Sidewalk Film Festival has announced its first nine films for 2022 and “The Integrity of Joseph Chambers” is on the list.

The new film, which stars Alabama native Clayne Crawford of ‘Lethal Weapon’ fame, was filmed in his hometown of Clay in 2020. Crawford, 44, is also one of the producers .

Sidewalk has also confirmed festival screenings of “A Walk With Joey,” an Alabama-related sports documentary, as well as “The Automat,” “Mija,” “The Thief Collector,” “The Sun Rises in the East.” , “Peace in the Valley”. “, “Funny Pages” and “Good Girl Jane”.

More films will be announced for the festival in the coming weeks. Sidewalk, in its 24th year, will run from August 24-28 at several venues in Birmingham city centre, including the Sidewalk Film Center and Cinema.

Here is an overview of the first batch of films on the program:


sidewalk says: “Director Robert Machoian and Alabama-based Clayne Crawford last collaborated on ‘The Killing of Two Lovers’; their latest, shot in Alabama, is another deeply tense thriller about modern masculinity gone wrong. Crawford plays the title character, a man fearing an impending societal collapse who seeks to prove he can cope on his own on a hunting trip. But when things go horribly wrong, Joseph Chambers must prove his mettle in unexpected ways.

The cast includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan of ‘The Walking Dead’, Michael Raymond-James of ‘True Blood’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’, Jordana Brewster, who appeared with Crawford in the TV series ‘Lethal Weapon’, and sons of Crawford, Colt and Hix. “The Integrity of Joseph Chambers” debuted June 9 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

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sidewalk says: “Joey Hale survived a brain tumor at a very young age and defied all odds to recover, thanks to much-needed inspiration from his beloved football team, the San Diego Chargers, and a close friendship. with former Auburn player Lionel ‘Little Train’ James.Now Joey pays him to others throughout the Birmingham area and beyond, bringing smiles to his customers at Publix and the Ministry and Charity to the Less Fortunate “A Walk With Joey” is a loving portrait of a true Alabama original whose life has touched thousands.”

The documentary was directed by Dana Lynn Falletta and J. Neil Bloomer. Watch the trailer here.


sidewalk says: “‘The Automat’ is fondly remembered by Horn & Hardart, a popular fast-food chain over 100 years old in which customers selected a menu item from rows of coin-operated glass cabinets and ate their meals in restaurants For generations, these restaurants were New York City staples, and this documentary interviews many of its most famous former patrons, including iconic comedian Mel Brooks and the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The documentary was directed by Lisa Hurwitz.


sidewalk says: “This remarkable Disney and Nat Geo documentary follows Doris Muñoz, a young Mexican-American woman working as a musical talent manager for a hot new artist and providing a vital source of income for her undocumented parents and brother, who has But as circumstances force her business to evolve, she meets Jacks Haupt, another starving young artist from a mixed family for whom success in show business isn’t just a dream, it’s a necessity. Both faith-based and grassroots, “Mija” spotlights those first-generation Americans jostling to become great and give their families a ticket to a better life.”

The documentary was directed by Isabel Castro.


sidewalk says: “In 1985, a priceless painting was cut from its frame at the University of Arizona Museum of Art and stolen in broad daylight. It resurfaced 32 years later, but you wouldn’t believe me if I told you tell where he was found.’The Thief Collector’ tells the incredible story of a heist with the most unlikely perpetrators, examining the convoluted motives of its daring criminals with a sparkling flair in a movie everyone will talk about.

The documentary was directed by Allison Otto.


sidewalk says: “In 1969, in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, prominent black activists and educators founded The East, a pan-African cultural organization created to enrich the lives of children and promote black self-determination. This documentary tells his story, as The East grew to include a school, publisher, clothing store and bookstore – and changed the lives of parents and students by giving a neighborhood the tools it needed need to emancipate.

The documentary was directed by Tayo Giwa.


sidewalk says: “A young mother is suddenly widowed when her husband is killed in an act of heroism in a mass shooting. The harrowing (and unfortunately constantly) timely drama “Peace in the Valley” focuses on the aftermath, as the family struggles to rebuild their lives. Anchored by an excellent lead performance from Brit Shaw and Sidewalk luminary Michael Abbott Jr. in a dual role, this sensitive work attempts to find meaning in the violent nonsense of the new American normal.

The narrative feature was directed by Tyler Riggs.


sidewalk says: “A young cartoonist drops out of school to fend for himself in the seedy margins of Trenton, New Jersey, in this dark comedy from A24 and producers Josh and Benny Safdie. Actor Owen Kline’s directorial debut, ‘Funny Pages ‘ is a grimy, cheerfully vapid look at a subculture of comic-obsessed young men.


sidewalk says: “A lonely teenager falls into the wrong crowd in this stunning feature debut from Sarah Elizabeth Mintz. Rain Spencer plays the title character, who meets a group of hip friends and begins experimenting with drugs following her parents’ divorce. But Jane soon falls under the sway of a charming older man – and things spiral out of control. You may think you know this story, but you’ve never seen it so good. ‘Good Girl Jane’ won the award for Best Narrative Film and Best Performance for Spencer at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.”

The Sidewalk festival usually includes an opening film on Friday, as well as two full days of screenings on Saturday and Sunday. Earlier in the week, a handful of “Spotlight” films screened at the Sidewalk Cinema, 1821 Second Ave. North, on the lower level of the Pizitz building.

Tickets for Sidewalk 2022 are on sale on the festival site, priced at $75 for a weekend pass (August 26-28), $220 VIP (August 26-28). Day passes are $30 from August 26-28. Single movie tickets are $15. Tickets for Spotlight Films (August 22-25) are $15.

Ticket prices usually increase as the festival dates get closer.

Gerald R. Schneider