Europe! Europa is Australia’s new touring film festival dedicated to European cinema

Much like planning overseas getaways for certain parts of the year – now that they’re licensed again, that is – Australian moviegoers can base their annual schedule on which parts of the world they want. wish to visit. As fall approaches, the French Film Festival is getting underway across the country. In the middle of the year, when things are freezing cold, the Scandinavian Film Festival usually arrives. When spring is in full swing, it’s time for the Italian Film Festival. And, from February 2022, the summer will now end with a cinematic trip to Europe.

Kick-off on Friday February 4 and until Sunday February 27, Europa! Europa is the new Australian film festival which will present the latest European films on our screens. Debuting in Sydney and Melbourne, it will focus on recent new films from across the continent – and pair them with live music and special events throughout its three weeks.

While it is still too early for the festival program, Europa! Europa will launch its 2022 program with a highly anticipated title that gives a precise idea of ​​how the event will unfold. It would be the acclaimed French feature film premiering at Cannes Benedetta, which tells the story of the 17th-century Tuscan nun Benedetta Carlini. The reason there is a movie on it? She believed that she had had visions of Christ and had also had sex with a sister from her abbey.

Benedetta also hails from Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, who has a pretty eye-catching resume – including directing the original RoboCop and Total recall movies, stick to science fiction for Starship Troopers, and the spearhead of erotic thrillers of the 90s courtesy of Primary instinct and Showgirls. He also directed the revenge thriller with Isabelle Huppert She in 2016, too.

See this as a vision of things to come at the latest Sydney and Melbourne Film Festival, which has yet to announce venues either, but will host its launch screenings on Sunday, January 16 at Elsternwick’s Classic Cinemas in Melbourne and the Randwick’s Ritz Cinema in Sydney.

Discover the trailer for Benedetta below:

Europe! Europe will screen in Sydney and Melbourne from Friday February 4 to Sunday February 27, 2022, following the program’s launch screenings on Sunday January 16 at Elsternwick’s Classic Cinemas in Melbourne and Randwick’s Ritz Cinema in Sydney. We’ll keep you posted on the full lineup when it’s announced.

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Sarah ward

Gerald R. Schneider