How to get the free Pikachu festival costume

Pokémon Unite has made its way to mobile platforms and offers players a festival-style Pikachu. This guide will show players how to claim it.

Festival Style Pikachu joined Pokémon United as a new unlockable cosmetic. Pokémon United allows players to dress up some of their favorite Pokémon in special outfits on the battlefield. Snorlax comes in the form of a berry, while Cinderace rocks her pirate outfit. The outfits themselves don’t do anything in terms of gameplay, but it’s a good way for players to stand out in the middle of a match. To celebrate the release of the game’s mobile port, the Pokemon Company is offering players the opportunity to claim a free festival-style Pikachu skin.

Pikachu is one of the starter Pokémon available in Pokémon United which means he’s one of the characters with the most robust customization options. Players were able to unlock the Hip-Hop-style Pikachu and the Purple Unite-style Pikachu by spending Fashion Tickets. This is a currency used exclusively to buy clothes in the store.

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While these clothes are incredibly expensive, it’s hard to unlock a new outfit without purchasing it directly or upgrading the Battle Pass. Fortunately, the Festival Style Pikachu skin doesn’t require any of these. Since this skin is available to celebrate the mobile port, it makes sense that its unlock method is directly tied to this. Fortunately, Pokémon United allows cross play and cross progression.

How to unlock the festival-style Pikachu in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Battle Blanket

To unlock this skin, players will need to download the iOS or Android versions of the game. There is no way to unlock this skin directly in the Nintendo Switch version. However, when logging into the iOS or Android versions, players can log into their existing accounts that belong to the Nintendo Switch. Logging in will unlock the Festival Style Pikachu for the account it is attached to. This means gamers will unlock it on both mobile and Nintendo Switch without having to do anything more.

It’s important to mention that this version of Pikachu will only be available for a limited time. This promotional event runs from September 22 to October 31. It’s unclear if the Pikachu Style Festival will eventually hit the store in the future. The mobile version of the game works pretty much the same as its Nintendo Switch counterpart, so gamers should get this skin quickly, even if they don’t like playing on mobile.

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Pokémon United is available now on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

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