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It’s hard to think of another medium as enjoyable or as important as cinema. Most would agree that movies can captivate audiences and make them feel things they didn’t even expect to feel. This is why movies are so great and why the industry continues to thrive to this day, even despite the hurdles faced by recent world events. No doubt some of the best movies ever made would have inspired many young directors to grab a camera and start recording, but many would agree that it can often be difficult to get started, especially in such a competitive industry as a film.

Those who are just starting out may know that it is difficult to acquire enough funds and interest to release their films. This is in comparison to established filmmakers who are simply given a blank check to hone their vision and create the best film possible. Fortunately, some things are being done about it. A group of people made up of artists, entrepreneurs and small business owners have come together to create a business that will benefit all aspiring filmmakers. It’s called Santa Clarita International Film Festival and was born out of a desire to give independent directors the support they need to break into the industry.

Lisa deSouza is just one of the festival’s co-founders who believes the company will be a positive thing for new filmmakers. She said: “I wanted to set the tone for this festival and partly a new platform for independent filmmakers, musicians, comedians, artists etc.” Those who live in Santa Clarita may already know that the festival had its opening night on Thursday at the Laemmle theater screening of two films. It’s no surprise that every film was produced by independent directors who submitted them to the festival.

The benefits of SCIFF should be clear to anyone interested in filmmaking, as it allows stories that need to be seen to get the exposure they deserve. While not all budding filmmakers are some of the best in the world, SCIFF is sure to allow those who are to get the recognition they need to create more important films. This notion is reflected by deSouza, who said, “There are writers and directors who cannot be heard or seen, so SCIFF is the place and the platform for them.”

The festival is something that has been in the works for quite some time, since 2019. However, recent world events have forced it to be postponed. Many industries are said to have been negatively affected during this time and filmmaking was no exception, but others are said to have flourished. The gaming industry is a good example of this and the sites that can be found on would have been helpful for many.

Recently the film industry has rebounded and those looking to break into it will be grateful for the existence of useful events like the Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

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Gerald R. Schneider