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Khajuraho Dance Festival

Place : Khajuraho, Bundalkhand, Madhya Pradesh
Place : Western group of temples, Khajuraho
Date: February
Calendar 2020

The small village of Khajuraho located in the northernmost part of Madhya Pradesh, is 395 km southeast of Agra. Once the religious capital of the Chandela dynasty, one of the powerful Rajput dynasties of central India, Khajuraho is now famous for its enchanting temples and its legendary Khajuraho dance festival. The week-long classical dance festival takes place in February / March each year in the spectacular setting of the beautifully lit temples.

The temples, classified into three groups – the Western Group, the Eastern Group and the Southern Group are beautifully carved in stone and are over a thousand years old. The sculptures mainly reflect the life, moods and religious faith of that time.

This cultural festival highlights the richness of different styles of Indian classical dance such as Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Odissi,
Kuchipudi, Manipuri
and Kathakaliwith performances from some of the best exhibitors in the field. Modern Indian dance has also been added recently. The dances are performed in an open-air auditorium, usually in front of the Chitragupta temple dedicated to Surya (the sun god) and the Vishwanatha temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, belonging to the western group. Along with renowned artists, a number of artisans exhibit their crafts to visitors. There is an open market where local items are for sale. The Khajuraho Dance Festival is held to celebrate the cultural heritage of the temples of Khajuraho and preserve it for the next generation.

Besides captivating the vast audience with dance performances from new and younger artists, the 43rd edition of the Khajuraho Dance Festival (2017) opened doors for budding sculptors and artists in India and abroad, and set up an “Art Mart” on the site. Whether it is an authentic food festival, crafts and looms from different places to buy or traditional artisan workshops where you can participate in the making of a product, the dance festival has something for everyone.

How to get there

Access to Khajuraho is by air, rail and road. Khajuraho is 395 km from Agra, 117 km from Satna, 175 km from Jhansi, 350 km from Bhopal, 280 km from Gwalior, 480 km from
Indore, 210 km from Jabalpur.

Regular flights connect Khajuraho to Delhi (35 minutes), Agra (40 minutes) and Varanasi (45 minutes).

Rail: There is no direct train to Khajuraho. The most convenient station is Jhansi (175 km), which is connected to
Delhi and other major cities in the North. Satna (117 km) is another convenient train station for those coming from Bombay,
Calcutta and Varanasi.
Khajuraho is connected by regular buses to Satna, Harpalpur (94 km), Jhansi and Mahoba (61 km).


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