Light, camera, action! – the deadline is approaching for entries to the Sunderland Short Film Festival

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The annual Sunderland Short Film Festival is set to return later this year and anyone interested in taking part should submit their videos as the deadline fast approaches.

Since 2015, the event has delighted audiences with a variety of screenings ranging from drama and comedy to horror and documentary. The festival showcases local talent and the work of young, emerging filmmakers alongside BAFTA and Oscar nominated films.

The festival was launched in conjunction with DC Shorts under the leadership of its founder, Jon Gann, the festival has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Commission of Washington DC and continues to be supported by Sunderland City Council.

Sunderland Short Film Festival 2022.

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The Sunderland Short Film Festival will award a variety of different winners across the recognizing film festival:

*Best Art and Experimental Award

* Prize for the best student, young and emerging

*People’s Favorite Award

This year, the winning films will receive cash prizes courtesy of the University of Sunderland:

*£300 – Young, Emerging and Student Award

*£300 – Judges Choice Award

*£300 – Audience Preferred Price

The usual submission deadline is July 15, but there is an extended deadline of August 12. Any submission made after this time will not be considered. All submissions must be submitted via

The films will be examined by the members of the jury and the applications will receive a letter of acceptance or refusal before September 9th.

Gerald R. Schneider