Manhattan Short Film Festival – One Day, Six Continents – City Hub Sydney

Nicholas Mason, founding director of the Manhattan Short Film Festival. Photo: CyCy Sansders

The 25the The annual Manhattan Short Film Festival will run simultaneously in nearly 500 theaters on six continents. In a one-of-a-kind event, festival-goers will share their experience with moviegoers around the world and be able to instantly vote for their favorite actors and films.

Photo by Fetish (USA) – Manhattan Short Film Festival finalist. Picture: provided

The Manhattan Short Film Festival will be held at its home away from home, the Glen Street Theater in Belrose. The New York-based founding director of the festival, Nick Mason, is actually from Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

“I grew up in St Ives, just around the corner from the Glen Street Theatre, and it’s impossible for me to put on this event every year without thinking fondly of Glen Street and my mother sitting in the audience every year. I’m based in New York, Glen Street is my community theater and always will be. It’s in my heart,” Mason says.

Photo by Freedom Swimmer (Australia) – Manhattan Short Film Festival Finalist. Picture: provided

Still from The Blanket (Finland) – Manhattan Short Film Festival Finalist. Picture: provided

What started as an improvised outdoor screening – literally, a screen stuck to the side of a truck parked on a New York street – has grown into one of the most successful international short film festivals.

The day-long event at the Glen Street Theater will feature the 10 films shortlisted from 870 submissions in 70 countries. The 10 finalists are: Don versus Lightning (Scotland), love, daddy (Czech & Slovakia), save the bees (UNITED STATES), The treatment (Spain), Free fall (France), Fetish (UNITED STATES), freedom swimmer (Australia), The cover (Finland), Warsha (Lebanon), The big green (France).

Sunday October 2 1 p.m. & 5 p.m.

Glen Street Theatre, Cnr Glen Street, Blackbutts Rd, Belrose

Gerald R. Schneider