New films and new owners of the 2022 LDS Film Festival

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The LDS film festival will be back from March 2 to 5 in Orem! Marshall and Michelle Moore, new owners and co-directors of the LDS Film Festival joined us on the show to share information about the upcoming festival. The Moores have worked professionally with many people in the film industry. This facilitated the transition to the status of new owner.

The Moores have hired a board of directors to help and guide them in making good decisions. Next year, the festival’s new name will be Zion International Film Festival. The rationale for renaming the festival was to create a better connection with Utah. Sion is defined as a gathering place. The Moores thought it would be perfect. Cinema and cinema lovers can now come together to experience this event!

The festival has 5 film categories including Featured Documentaries, Featured Films, Short Documentaries, Short Films and Music Videos.

“A lot of people assume that [this event] is only for LDS movies and filmmakers, but it’s not,” Marshall Moore said. The opening film this year will be “Boatmanwhich follows Duke Kahanamoku’s journey and legacy as a legendary swimmer.

To learn more about this event, visit the website –

Gerald R. Schneider