Peach Music Festival 2022 Day 3 | Mountain assembly | 02/07/2022

The third day is when the magic happens at festivals and this year was no exception to the Peach Music Festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The weather behaved for the most part, allowing the calendar to flourish creatively. Headliners included the Trey Anastasio’s group, goose and The Revivalists. Lodge Activities Included Grateful Dead Photographer by Jay Blakesburg talk about his amazing experiences with the band, and a live episode of the Big Beyond Podcast.

Saturday’s activities began with accomplished live music photographer Jay Blakesburg speaking about his experiences throughout his forty years shooting for the Grateful Dead. Then the Great Beyond podcast, billed as a “not a goose” podcast, filmed a live episode while interviewing Dogs in a pile, To melt and Wall. Directed by Greg KnightBruce Robinson and Joey Parisi, the lucky fans in attendance got to experience a more personal side to the artists during insightful interviews conducted by our Guru hosts at Goose.

Legendary drummer Jaimoe |  Jaimoe and his friends

The music started on the Peach Stage with Melt, bassist Karina Rykman’s teamand legendary Allman Brother drummer Jaimoe and his talented friends. Natalie Cresmantrombonist of the Trey Anastasio Band, sat down with Jaimoe’s horn section and elevated the composition.

Fans loved the music |  Peach Music Festival

The Allman Brothers theme continued on the Mushroom stage with Friends of brothersfollowed by the busiest man in Peach, Daniel Donat in the same way The cosmic country of Daniel Donato. Boston’s rising artist, Mass jam rock Neighbor followed. Emerging artist Groove Stage’s stellar line-up began with Muskrat Lightning, dry reef, Pixie and the Partygrass Boysand J.B. Strauss.

Singer Robbie Wulfsohn feels it, despite impending weather |  Wall

Ripe, the rising funk, R&B and jazz outfit from Boston, Mass, took the stage with dark skies approaching. Percussionist Jeff Arevalo of Goose was seated, although the band’s time was cut short due to approaching thunderstorms.

Singer David Shaw connected with the public |  The Revivalists

Once the weather cleared, the Revivalists took the Peach stage for their set. Singer David Shaw immediately jumped on the amps in front of the stage and started singing directly in front of the crowd, much to the delight of the fans. Other band members joined in the fun. All in all, their alternative rock meets the sound of a jam band makes for a great show. At this point, the sky decided to rain with full force, but there was no lightning, and therefore no interruption of the music.

Trey Anastasio Group |  Peach Music Festival

The band Trey Anastasio was next, led by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, who mix jam rock with jazz and a stellar horn section. Many wondered if a member of Goose would join the party, as Anastasio sat down with Goose the previous weekend. Nonetheless, this band heated up the room early by diving into a Phish favorite, “Blaze On.”

Saxophonist James Casey, trumpeter Jennifer Hartswich and trombonist Natalie Cressman |  Trey Anastasio's group

Singer and guitarist Celise Henderson participated in “The Moma Dance”, “A Life Beyond the Dream” and “Rise/Come Together”, where she contributed her ever inspiring voice. Anastasio and Henderson also had a few exchanges on guitar. She contributed her beautiful voice to Anastasio ghost of the forest project in 2019.

Celisse Henderson joins the Trey Anastasio Band |  Peach Music Festival

The Mushroom and Groove stages were also lively and dynamic. American rock and country Cordoba delivered a wild set on the Champignon stage. Melt returned to the Groove Stage for the second take. The pissed off rock and jazz artist Single weekend kept the Groove Stage at night. Cycles took care of nightly duties on the Groove Stage, while Brandon “Taz” Niederauerthe 19-year-old guitar prodigy from Long Island, NY played into the early hours of the Mushroom stage.

Guitarist Peter Anspach |  goose

Self-proclaimed Connecticut indie groove rock band Goose closed the music on the Peach Stage with a memorable late-night warm-up. This band burst onto the jam rock scene three years ago at the Peach Music Festival on the Groove Stage, and went from virtually unknown to shutting down the biggest stage on the biggest festival night. The set began with a guitar duel, albeit short, “Yeti”. Multi-instrumentalist Peter Anspach took some notes from Shaw’s performance and hopped on the amp for some rock star moments.

Bassist Trevor Weekz |  goose

The momentum continued with a twenty-nine-minute funk inferno “Arrow”, which notably returned to the song’s original setup.

Guitarist Rick Mitarotonda |  goose

The new jam vehicle “Animal” was followed by “Tumble” and “State of the Art (AEIOU)” by Jim James. The little played, though melodically happy Vasudo the track “Factory Fiction” was later added to the lineup. For those keeping track, this band has completed the last four tours with “Factory Fiction” in the second set, and each one was equally delicious. The Peach Festival performance was Goose’s last until the Newport Folk Festival July 22.

Lighting director Andrew Godde for the win |  goose

The set ended with new track “Dripfield”, as the lights changed to a dark green, blue and smoky red scheme. lighting director Andrew Godde continued to make a name for themselves by dramatically elevating this red hot band’s music with their LED magic.

Fans loved the Late Night Goose |  Peach Music Festival

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List of Trey Anastasio band sets
Blaze On, Sand, Mozambique, Set Your Soul Free, Olivia, Everything’s Right, … And Flew Away, Gotta Jibboo, Ghost, Roll Like a River, Simple Twist Up Dave, The Moma Dance1A life beyond the dream1Rise/Assemble1

List of goose sets
Yeti, arrow, magic carpet ride2Animal, Fall, State of the art (AEIOU)3Factory Fiction, Dripfield

1. with Celise Henderson
2. John Steppenwolf
3. Jim James

goose |  Peach Music Festival

goose |  Peach Music Festival

Trey Anastasio Group |  Peach Music Festival

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