Screamfest Horror Film Festival Review: “The Retaliators” (2021) Revenge is Bittersweet


I recently watched the new horror thriller, Retaliation, for the Screamfest horror film festival. The film was directed by Samuel Gonzalez Jr. (Railway column) and Bridget Smith (sno babies). It stars Michael Lombardi (Last Knights), Marc Menchaca (Ozark – TV series), Joseph Gatt (Game Of Thrones – TV series) and Jacoby Shaddix.

Summary for Retaliation

An honest pastor discovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers regarding the brutal murder of his daughter. Original soundtrack and cameos from some of rock music’s biggest names set the tone as this horror thriller reveals a game of revenge played using a new set of rules.

I’ve never seen a revenge movie quite like this. It was different and refreshing. Retaliation is the unique story of an honest pastor who prides himself on being good and doing the right thing, but when his daughter is brutally murdered his world turns upside down and being good comes at a price.

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Michael Lombardi delivers a gripping and moving performance throughout the film. His character development is heartbreaking but also motivating as he strives not to let the trauma of losing his daughter change him. Marc Menchaca gives an equally incredible performance that will send chills to your back. Joseph Gatt plays the villain without fail.

Credit: Best Noise Movies

Much of the movie plays out more like intense drama, but there are some really horrific scenes that can haunt your dreams. You wonder what you would do in a situation like this and it’s a scary position to only be in but put yourself in. Retaliation is the type of movie you can’t wait to see the end result of and trust me, it’s a satisfying movie.

The RetaliatorIt’s an emotionally draining story, but you’ll definitely want to find it out. The film is currently making its way into the festival circuit, so keep an eye out for its premiere date near you.


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