Southport set to shine with Latin American music festival as pledges sought


The one-day festival promises to bring some of the best Latin American music to the streets of Southport Image credit: Vanessa Kurz

Southport is hoping to host a Latin American festival and musical extravaganza on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

To coincide with UNESCO’s World Day for Cultural Diversity, Fiestaval 2022 promises to bring a wealth of Latin American music live to the streets of Southport, Merseyside, as well as a full lineup of top DJs, dancers, handicrafts and cultural exhibitions for the local population. community to enjoy.

Organized by a dedicated committee of volunteers from the Viva Foundation, the free festival launched a crowdfunding campaign on to raise the £ 2,860 needed to make the event a success.

The free festival has already received a generous contribution from the Sefton Council Community Transition Fund, and people are now invited to donate to the crowdfunding campaign in return for public recognition, free dance lessons, tickets to local Latin events and an annual festival membership.

Sefton’s Council Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing Councilor Trish Hardy said their region is eligible for funding.

“Supported by Sefton Council’s £ 50,000 Community Transition Fund, Sefton Crowd’s goal is to support ideas like Fiestaval that will put local people at the heart of efforts to create more vibrant, resilient and resilient communities. connected. “

Viva Foundation President Irma Mejia said: “We are excited to relaunch the festival in 2022, but we really need the community’s help to support the events we are hosting.

“This is a great opportunity to support emerging local artists, to celebrate UNESCO’s International Day for Cultural Diversity and to enrich the social, economic and cultural vitality of Southport and surrounding areas.

“Fiestaval 2022 is a free and easily accessible community artistic event for all ages.

“You can sign up from £ 2 or even just ‘like’ our Crowdfund page to help us run this wonderful free community event. We also ask those of you who kindly supported our last campaign to please get involved again. “

The event has raised a whopping £ 1,807 so far and the fundraising page is open until 4th December to reach its total goal. If the target is exceeded, other Latino artists will be added to the lineup.

Irma, added: “We will continue to be guided by security considerations. If there is a need to reschedule the festival due to Covid-19, we will communicate this through our Spacehive page.”

Spacehive is a fundraising platform for ideas that bring local places to life: everything from beautifying the park, to improving a playground, to starting a street market.

The creators are matched with funds from advice, foundations and companies that might want to help.

The Fiestaval is also looking for rescuers, stewards, community choirs and volunteer dancers to be part of the day.

For more information, visit the campaign page.

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Gerald R. Schneider