Splashy Fen Music Festival is ready for you


4 unique stages, over 150 local musicians, yoga, running, drumming, belly dancing and didgeridoo classes, camping flag contests, a local SA day, a creative craft market and an inviting food court, silent disco, pop-up parties, dedicated kids area, art in the forest, cocktail viewing deck, Easter egg hunt, Easter Sunday service and much more… not to mention the fresh outdoors, star-studded campfires, and gorgeous mountain views…all surrounded by a bunch of like-minded people who are grateful to be back at Splashy Fen Farm after a two-year absence. .

It’s Splashy Fen, and the time has finally come.

Next week, at this time, festival-goers will take the chill off the mountain by embarking on a 4-day sensory experience at 31st edition of the Splashy Fen Music Festival. Local duo Liam and Jane Magner of Veranda Panda are two such fans, who have been eagerly awaiting their return to Splashy Fen.

Splashy Fen is part of who we are now“, says Liam. It’s a kind of annual pilgrimage that helps us reset, rethink and refocus. Personally, my first Splashy Fen was an amazing experience. I remember being struck by the feeling of freedom, kindness and community. In recent years, the festival has really succeeded in rekindling this spirit.“

When asked, as artists, how the couple coped with the early months of Covid, they too were shaken at heart, but used the experience to adapt and find positivity in their challenges. “The whole experience was horribly divisive and definitely left the world with a hangover of mistrust and fear. We suffered financially the first year as we lost all performance jobs within two weeks. We are grateful to have had other sources of income, but it took us time to adapt. However, we have changed for the better. Living in chaos and coming out the other side helped us see things more clearly.

Fans can catch this electrifying act from Durban and hear some of the new music they’ve created, at 8.30pm on Friday nights on the Corona Splashy Fen main stage. Other numbers to see Friday night under the impressive dome marquee include Mali Zulu, 4 AM, Steve Umcolo, a heartwarming tribute to Johnny Clegg and Mango Groove.

We can’t wait to see Good Luck, Mango Groove and Sean Koch this yearsays Magner. “But also, hanging out, laughing, relaxing and meeting people is the part we love the most. We’ve always been a fan of the energy between the people there. Something magical is happening under these mountains and for a few days people are kind to each other. We can’t wait.

Fans can enjoy Splashy Fen’s brand new app. Connect and see who is performing when and where, find your friends and create your own festival experience with reminders, updates, live tracking and interactive community chats. The app is FREE to download here: woov.to

South Africa’s longest running music festival will take place over the traditional Easter weekend from Thursday 14and April to Monday 18and from April 2022, and tickets are still available online or at the door. splashyfen.co.za

Gerald R. Schneider