SXSW Announces Initial Programming for 2022 Music Festival

Organizers for South by South-West (SXSW) announced the initial lineup for the music festival component of its 2022 event. Following a 2020 cancellation due to COVID and a virtual event in 2021, SXSW will return to Austin, TX next year from March 14-20 for its 36th iteration.

Providing the opportunity to connect entertainment, tech and media professionals with emerging artists, established artists and industry mavens, SXSW has stayed true to its method of hosting one of the lineups. most eclectic and global musicals.

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The first round of programming announcements includes artists from dozens of countries. American artists include Aeon Station, BLAXKTARKIDS, Claire Rousay, Delta Spirit, Ezra Furman, Thug, Monaleo, Surfbort, and Glassy humor. Artists coming from abroad include ANAVITÓRIA (Brazil), CHAII (New Zealand), DUMA (Kenya), MC Yallah (Uganda), Poppy Ajudga (England), Priya Ragu (Switzerland), TEKE :: TEKE (Canada), WITCH (We intend to wreak havoc) (Zambia), Y2K92 (South Korea) and Court Act (England), among many others.

Wednesday’s lineup announcement was just the first of several to come. Additionally, SXSW announced a few of this year’s showcase presenters, including British Music Embassy, American dreams, Legendary SOBs, Nyege Nyege Tapes, Fire registers, Roll hard, The anniversary group, Grand tourism, Jazz re: fresh Outernational, Advance Music, Kill rock stars, Cosmica Artists + Records, Ernest Jenning Record Co., New Western Records, Rocky road hike, Polyvinyl discs, Double double whammy, Keeled scales, Park the van, Don Giovanni Records, Nine mile records and tours, and Focus Wales.

All SXSW Music registrants will receive primary access to the Music and Convergence Conference programming, including opening speeches and speakers, music festival showcases, comedy festival, exhibits, Networking Meetings, Gaming Industry Exhibit, Flatstock Poster Show, Registrants’ Lounge, SXSW Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake Concerts and the BBQ and Softball Closing Tournament. Additionally, SXSW Music registrants will also receive secondary access to most interactive and cinematic events.

Head here for more info, here to register and scroll through the full list of artists included in the first phase of the 2022 Music Festival SXSW lineup release.

Programming of the SXSW 2022 music festival

2nd grade (Philadelphia PA)
49 Winchester (Castlewood Virginia)
A giant dog (Austin TX)
Abigail Lapell (Toronto CANADA)
Adam Ostrar (Austin, Texas)
Aeon Station (Ocean City NJ)
Aertex (Washington DC)
Alex Dupree (Austin TX)
Alien Tango (Murcia SPAIN)
Andrea Cruz (Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO)
Angelica Rahe (Austin TX)
Antti Paalanen (Kokkola FINLAND)
Arp Frique (Amsterdam NETHERLANDS)
Art d’Ecco (Victoria CANADA)
Authentically plastic (Kampala UGANDA)
Ava Vegas (Berlin GERMANY)
Babehoven (Hudson NY)
Bandicoot (Swansea UK-Wales)
Beauty Sleep (Derry UK-N. IRELAND)
Being dead (Austin TX)
Bendigo Fletcher (Louisville KY)
Big Bill (Austin TX)
BLACKSTARKIDS (Kansas City, Missouri)
Blunt bangs (Athens GA)
Blush (Austin TX)
Shower gel (Montreal CANADA)
Boulevards (Raleigh NC)
Bread Pilot (Seattle WA)
Breanna Barbara (Far Rockaway NY)
Brigid Mae Power (Galway IRELAND)
Buffalo Hunt (Austin TX)
Buffalo Nichols (Austin TX)
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard (Cardiff UK-Wales)
Caleb De Casper (Austin, Texas)
Charlotte Cornfield (Toronto CANADA)
Chief Cleopatra (Austin TX)
Chinese Bear (Guildford UK-ENGLAND)
Claire Rousay (San Antonio Texas)
Claude (Highland Park IL)
Coco & Clair Clair (Atlanta GA)
Congee (London UK-ENGLAND)
Constant subscriber (Stirling UK-SCOTLAND)
corook (Nashville TN)
Sofa prints (New York NY)
Creamer (Nashville TN)
Handcuffed (Los Angeles CA)
Curse Mackey (Austin TX)
Dan Bettridge (Cardiff UK-Wales)
Danielle Ponder (Rochester NY)
Delta Spirit (Los Angeles CA)
Desperate journalist (London UK-ENGLAND)
Devin Shaffer (Chicago Illinois)
Diamante Perez (Wichita KS)
Dig Nitty (Brooklyn NY)
DJ DIAKI (Sanankoroba MALI)
Doeman (Houston TX)
Donated (Memphis TN)
Donna Blue (Utrecht NETHERLANDS)
DUMA (Nairobi KENYA)
Ed Schrader’s Musical Rhythm (Baltimore MD)
Pierre Éléphant (Montreal CANADA)
Eli Winter (Chicago IL)
Pleasant listening (Oxford UK-ENGLAND)
Enumclaw (Tacoma WA)
Estereomance (El Paso TX)
Evicshen (San Francisco CA)
Ezra Furman (Chicago Illinois)
Family Jools (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Fear (Oakland CA)
Flossing (Brooklyin NY)
Flower (New York NY)
Geese (Brooklyn NY)
Gewalt (Berlin GERMANY)
GIFT (Brooklyn NY)
Glass Spells (San Diego CA)
Go Fever (Austin TX)
Goodbye Honolulu (Toronto CANADA)
Goya Gumbani (London UK-ENGLAND)
Grace Cummings and her band (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Graham Reynolds (Austin, Texas)
Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio (Austin TX)
Greyhounds (Austin TX)
Guapo (Houston TX)
Gully Boys (Minneapolis MN)
Gustave (New York NY)
Hamish Hawk (Edinburgh UK-SCOTLAND)
Haru Nemuri (Yokohama JAPAN)
Henry Brun & the Latin Playerz (San Antonio TX)
Holly Macve (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
HOODLUM (San Antonio TX)
Horsegirl (Chicago IL)
Hrishikesh Hirway (Los Angeles California)
India Ramey (Nashville TN)
J Soulja (Austin TX)
Jacks Haupt (Dallas TX)
James Hersey (Vienna AUSTRIA)
James McMurtry (Austin, Texas)
Gene Loves Jezebel by Jay Aston / Acoustic (London UK-ENGLAND)
JayWood (Winnipeg CANADA)
Jekyll (Blackpool UK-ENGLAND)
Jo Schornikow (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
Jockstrap (London UK-ENGLAND)
Joshua Hedley (Nashville TN)
Junaco (Los Angeles California)
KAINA (Chicago Illinois)
Kampire (Kampala UGANDA)
Katy J Pearson (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Katy Kirby (Austin, Texas)
Kevin Galloway (Austin, Texas)
Kiana V (Manila PHILIPPINES)

Kompas Trio (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)
Korine (Philadelphia PA)
Kristeen Young (New York NY)
Kristin Hersh (Providence RI)
Kyle Kidd (Cleveland OH)
Laura Lee & les Jettes (Berlin GERMANY)
Lauren Auder (Albi FRANCE)
Lee Bains + The Glory Fires (Birmingham AL)
Let go despite big faults (Austin TX)
Linqua Franqa (Athens GA)
Petit Mazarn (Austin TX)
Hour of Life (Winnipeg CANADA)
Logan Lynn (Portland OR)
Lord Friday the 13th (Austin TX)
Lucy Gooch (Bristol UK-ENGLAND)
Luna Luna (Dallas TX)
Lunar Holidays (Atlanta GA)
Mace The Great (Cardiff UK-Wales)
MAITA (Portland OR)
Mandy, Indiana (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Maria BC (San Francisco CA)
Mariangela (San Antonio TX)
Marina Allen (Los Angeles California)
Mark Burgess from The Chameleons UK (Manchester UK-ENGLAND)
Marta Del Grandi (Milan ITALY)
Mattiel (Atlanta GA)
Maxo Kream (Houston Texas)
MC Yallah (Kampala UGANDA)
Me Rex (London UK-ENGLAND)
Meatraffle (London UK-ENGLAND)
Mr. Goblin (Bloomington IN)
Mobley (Austin, Texas)
Monaleo (Houston TX)
Moon Panda (Copenhagen DENMARK)
Moriah Bailey (Oklahoma City OK)
My idea (New York NY)
Native Sun (Brooklyn NY)
Neighbor (Atlanta GA)
New Dad (Galway IRELAND)
Nuevo (Austin, Texas)
Nuha Ruby Ra (London UK-ENGLAND)
Popstar Number One (Los Angeles CA)
ONO (Chicago Illinois)
Ouri (Montreal CANADA)
Pachyman (Los Angeles CA)
Paisley Fields (Brooklyn NY)
Paul Jacobs (Montreal CANADA)
Country P. (Paris FRANCE)
Penelope Isles (Brighton UK-ENGLAND)
Phobophobes (London UK-ENGLAND)
Plato III (Abilene TX)
Polyplastic (Los Angeles CA)
Pom Poko (Oslo NORWAY)
Poppy Ajudha (London UK-ENGLAND)
Portrait XO (Los Angeles CA)
Priya Ragu (St. Gallen SWITZERLAND)
PYNKIE (Jersey City NJ)
Renée Reed (Lafayette LA)
Rett Smith (Austin, Texas)
REYNA (Milwaukee WI)
RF Shannon (Lockhart TX)
Riley Downing (Kansas City MO)
Ringo Deathstarr (Austin TX)
Roan Yellowthorn (Camden ME)
Roller Derby (Hamburg GERMANY)
Rosegarden Funeral Party (Dallas TX)
Ruby (Dumfries UK-SCOTLAND)
Ryder L’Aigle (Toulouse FRANCE)
Salt Cathedral (Bogotá COLOMBIA)
Sara King (Dallas TX)
Sarah Kinsley (New York NY)
Sarpa Salpa (Northampton UK-ENGLAND)
Savak (Brooklyn NY)
Shawn James (Seattle WA)
Synthetic Silver (New Orleans LA)
Mr. Wife (Austin TX)
Skirts (Dallas TX)
Coal (Chicago IL)
Sonoda (Los Angeles California)
Sour Widows (Oakland CA)
Star Parks (Austin, Texas)
Stella Sommer (Berlin GERMANY)
Strawberry Guy (Liverpool UK-ENGLAND)
Sun June (Austin TX)
Surfbort (Los Angeles CA)
Tagua Tagua (São Paulo BRAZIL)
Taipei Houston (San Francisco California)
Counts (Toronto CANADA)
Teenage Halloween (Asbury Park NJ)
TEKE :: TEKE (Montreal CANADA)
Novella TV (Lockhart TX)
Temperaments (New York NY)
Thallo (Penygroes UK-Wales)
The Americans (Los Angeles CA)
The Bad Man (Minneapolis MN)
The Chris Lee Group (New Orleans LA)
The Deer (Austin TX)
The Pink Stones (Athens GA)
Red pears (El Monte CA)
The Royston Club (Wrexham UK-Wales)
You Sacred Souls (San Diego CA)
Tiarra Girls (Austin TX)
Tino Drima (Los Angeles CA)
Tomar and the CF (Austin TX)
Tunic (Winnipeg CANADA)
Twin Tribes (Brownsville TX)
Vic Santoro (London UK-ENGLAND)
Glass humor (Lawrence KS)
WITCH (We intend to wreak havoc)
(Lusaka ZAMBIA)
Walt Disco (Glasgow UK-SCOTLAND)
WARFIELD (Los Angeles CA)
Wargasm (London UK-ENGLAND)
Water in your eyes (Brooklyn NY)
Why Bonnie (Austin TX)
Wombo (Louisville KY)
XIXA (Tucson AZ)
Yard Act (Leeds UK-ENGLAND)

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