The 75th Cannes Film Festival will be marked by the return of “Top Gun”, an 80s classic

the prestigious Cannes film festival, which will celebrate its 75th edition from May 17 to 28, will screen one of the the most anticipated releases of the year: Top Gun: Maverickthe sequel to the classic film directed by Tonny Scott which made its big screen debut in 1986.

This time, the American filmmaker Joseph Kosinsky He was in charge of production. The main role was once again in the hands of Tom Cruise, which, as in the first version, will play Pete “Maverick” Mitchella flight instructor who still has a long way to go to reach the US Navy rank and medals he wore in the original installment.

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Despite the great expectations that have aroused in the world of cinema, this film will not be able to go in search of the Palme d’Or, the highest distinction awarded by this renowned event. It’s that the Cannes Official Selection included this title in the “Out of Competition” category. It will be screened on May 25, two days before its release in all theaters in the United States.

Tom Cruise at the premiere of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni).For: Reuters

After postponing its release date four times, following several setbacks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Top Gun: Maverick had its premiere on March 4 at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, USA. There, Cruise did not go unnoticed and, true to his style, made an unexpected entrance flying a helicopter that said “Tom Cruise” on its sides. Top Gun: Maverick ».

“Originally, in I was interested in doing a sequel, but people kept asking. I remember producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer had an idea in 1987. It was actually the germ of the idea that ended up with the concept of Top Gun: Maverick“, commented the actor in front of the press.

the original Superior gun was released in 1986. They played Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer. With an estimated budget of $15 million, it became a box office phenomenon that raised nearly $360 million. The film was directed by Tony Scott, who four years later shares with Cruise another success of the time: thunder days.

Tom Cruise's reunion with
Tom Cruise’s reunion with ‘Top Gun’ will be one of Cannes’ highlights (Photo: EFE/ Scott Garfield/Paramount Pictures).

Tribute to Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival

As reported by Cannes film festival on its official page, Tom Cruise will receive a moving tribute for his long and successful career as an actor in Hollywood, as well as for a new role in Top Gun: Maverick. The recognition will take place on the opening day of the event, May 18, exactly 30 years after his last appearance at this prestigious ceremony.

In this image provided by Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise plays Captain Captain Peter "maverick" Mitchell in a scene from "Top Gun: Maverick".  (Paramount Pictures via AP)
In this image provided by Paramount Pictures, Tom Cruise plays Captain Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in a scene from “Top Gun: Maverick.” (Paramount Pictures via AP)

In 1992, the 59-year-old American said present for the first and only time at the Cannes gala, at the casting of the film Far, from director Ron Howard. That same night, Cruise was in charge of delivering the Palme d’Orwhich went to Danish filmmaker Billie August for the feature film The best intentions.

75th Cannes Film Festival: the other big premiere

the 75th Cannes Film Festival has as one of its main attractions to the movie Elviswhich bears the signature of Australian producer Baz Luhrmann, who has already shown his talent with his hits Romeo and Juliet there Red Mill, among others. movie stars Austin Butler, tom hank there Olivia De Jongewho interpret Elvis Presleyal musical director Tom Parker and Priscilla Presley, respectively.

the biopic looks back on the life and work of the historic American singer, plagued by an exhausting relationship with his manager, Parker. So, he covers from his beginnings, through the process of becoming a true music star, to the height of his fame.

Baz Luhrmann, director and producer of the film "Elvis", alongside actor Austin Butler, who plays Elvis.  PhotoREUTERS/Maria Alejandra Cardona
Baz Luhrmann, director and producer of the movie ‘Elvis’, with actor Austin Butler, who plays Elvis. PhotoREUTERS/Maria Alejandra CardonaFor: Reuters

“History dives into the complex dynamic between Presley and Parker spanning more than 20 years, from Presley’s rise to unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of America’s changing cultural landscape and loss of innocence.

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They also revealed that the character of Priscilla Presley will have a prominent place in the production, which will be officially released on June 22while the first in the United States, it will be two days later. At the center of this journey is one of the most important and influential people in Elvis’ life, Priscilla Presley.

Gerald R. Schneider