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The three-day Birdsville Big Red Bash festival is officially sold out – with around 10,000 attendees set to swarm the Simpson Wilderness in Queensland’s outback in July.

The event bills itself as “the world’s most remote music festival” and will feature Jimmy Barnes, Missy Higgins, Kasey Chambers, Jon Stevens, Kate Ceberano, Richard Clapton, Shannon Noll, Bachelor Girl and Mel Dyer.

Festival owner and managing director of the Outback Music Festival Group, Greg Donovan, said the last 5% of tickets had sold out ahead of the group’s forecast, something he was “incredibly grateful” for after a few difficult years for live music.

“We left no stone unturned to get the Big Red Bash off the ground last year. The COVID protocols we put in place were amazing, and day by day we had a new set of hurdles to overcome – from performers or performers in hotspots to additional government requirements,” he said.

“But we did, and there was not a single outbreak resulting from the event. We are fortunate to operate exclusively outdoors and on a huge event footprint with the largest concert space in Australia. That, combined with vaccine levels, will help keep us all safe this year. »

Donovan noted how special this year’s event would be, with Barnes returning as the headliner after six years, and the incredible backdrop adding to the atmosphere.

“It will be next level to hear Jimmy sing his raw rock and Missy’s beautiful ballads performed against the spectacular backdrop of Simpson’s Big Red in the Desert. They are both very well known and beloved artists, and what we are offering with the Big Red Bash and Mundi Mundi Bash will be a totally unique experience.

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“Our rugged, remote and red-earth destinations bring a whole new dimension to the performance experience that you can’t get in an indoor or winery location.

“Jimmy sings of a shooting star in a desert sky, and with the magic of the crystalline Milky Way above us, shooting stars are commonplace in our desert home.”

The event is in the running for Festival of the Year at the 2022 Queensland Music Awards.

It also offers outdoor comedy and film screenings, scenic helicopter flights, dune surfing, beach volleyball, camel rides and a Nutbush dance world record attempt.

Donovan also flagged even more sold-out events to come.

“This will be the biggest year we have ever had as we are also launching a new sister event to the Big Red Bash – the Broken Hill Mundi Mundi, and will be hosting two versions of this new event,” he added.

“We are getting closer to selling out April’s Mundi Mundi Bash, and then there will only be tickets for the August event – which features an almost identical lineup to the Big Bash with Jimmy Barnes and Missy Higgins in Headlining.”

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