The Munich Film Festival offers me to capture Zeitgeist of summer in the city

Taking in the spirit of summer on Munich, the upcoming 39th Bavarian Capital Film Festival (June 23 – July 2) is gearing up to capture the atmosphere of the city with its motto.

“Unleashed” is the title of the Munich Film Festival (Filmfest München), which will screen 120 films from 52 countries with 35 of the entries making their own world premier show. And after two years of an epidemic when the city was silenced and placed under restrictions on social gatherings and public activities, unleashed what is felt again in Munich these days.

Once again the gardens are packed with local and international visitors, backpackers from all over the world playing music in the street In the corners, visitors explore the historic English garden, shop through the luxurious shop windows Along the elegant Maximilianstrasse or soak up the sun in a few stylish outdoor cafes.

Others head to the Isar River for a swim, a few drinks and a barbecue. At the Olympic Stadium in Munich, the Rolling Stones have just shot their latest European tour in front of a sales audience of over 70,000 people.

And now, amidst all the summer buzz, the Munich Film Festival – Germany’s second-largest after the Berlinale, but arguably more Cozy and fun celebration of film – Getting ready to welcome moviegoers with a band solid German and international production.

“Finally, we are once again able to celebrate the entire spectrum of cinema, from complex experiences to surprising blockbusters, from political cinema to exceptional entertainment,” commented art festival director Christoph Gruner, referring to the program. for children from The two previous festivals during the pandemic. Last year’s film festival featured only 70 films from 29 countries.

Traditionally, the Munich Film Festival offers fans the first chance to see some of the above films from the latest Cannes Film Festival. the festival opener “Corsage”, the sensational biographical drama of Austrian Empress Elisabeth, will be in It was. Among several other Cannes films, there will be “Leila’s Brothers” by Iranian director Said Rosati, “Eight Mountains” directed by Charlotte Vandermerch and Felix van Groningen and “Broker” by Hirokazu Kureda.

“We are particularly pleased that Spectrum of Filmmakers is expanding, both internationally and domestically,” Gruner added. highlighted a new competition called “CineRebels Platform” for those who like to bend the rules, start cinematic adventures and attract moviegoers, the competition includes 10 international films, including, among others, “The Penultimate” (directed by Jonas Kærup Hjort) , “Quantum Cowboys” (Geoff Marslett), “Scarlet” (Pietro Marcello), “Giulia” (Ciro De Caro) and “Cook F**K kill (Mira Forney).

will be the most strongly represented woman in this year’s offerings, says festival director Diana Elgin who celebrates her 10th anniversary as festival director this year. Special festival honors will go to Italian and German actress Alba Rohrwacher, director Doris Doerry, as well as a review of her latest film ‘The Baraka’ which examines the many forms of femininity with humor and openness to the ‘opposition.

Doris Doerry one of the great German filmmakers, “Ilgin hung.” She has always allowed herself the freedom to express herself artistically in her own way. The sensitive and moving performances of Alba Rohrwacher, whom she joined us in Munich kit times, have also had a lasting effect on international cinema. I am proud to honor these two leading women in the film industry. “

in one of the main competitions15,000 euros ($15,700) CineVision Division for the best newbie director70% of films directed by womenWhile in the new German cinema section, it’s 60%.

With a relaxed and fun Munich atmosphere in the summer, movie buffs can easily forget about the war in Ukraine. But the Munich Film Festival will not be forgotten and will show a number of films by Ukrainian and Russian filmmakers. In the Spotlight section there will be a horror film “Mariupolis 2” by director Mantas Kvidaravicius, who He was killed during the invasion of the Russian war. After his death, his fiancée, Hanna Belobrova, smuggled his clips out.

Another warning message against war and nationalism is the second Ukrainian production “Butterfly Vision” in the CineVision division, directed by Maxime Naconcini. It gives a stressful image of a woman returning from a war zone.

The festival will also showcase a number of current Russian films that take a stand against violence and tyranny. Among them is Russian dissident director Kirill Serebnikov’s “Tchaikovsky’s Wife”, who will also celebrate the German premiere of Petrov’s Flu in The New CineRebels section.

Gerald R. Schneider