The Nightmares Film Festival kicks off this week with “All Jacked Up and Full of Worms” and more!

Nightmares Film Festival (Oct. 20 to 23) has revealed its full program for 2022, and the seventh edition of the festival is shaping up to be a haven for genre fans and creators.

The top-rated festival has once again traveled the globe to bring together the most surprising and beloved genre voices in a four-day lineup that truly lives up to NFF’s “best horror” credo. The film program combines new works from horror’s most recognizable names – from Mike Flanagan and Jamie Lee Curtis at Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson – with fresh and shocking stories from some of the best independent filmmakers and screenwriters on the planet.

“We are so honored that the best genre creators in the world trust us to showcase their work,” co-founders Jason Tostevin and Chris Hamel said in a statement. “This year’s lineup, featuring dozens of premieres from over 25 countries, is packed with outrageous, hilarious, thought-provoking and thought-provoking genre experiences that our audiences love.”

The festival is once again taking place at the legendary indie Gateway Film Center, a top five North American (Sundance) arthouse film featuring one of the last dedicated screening crews in the country. Enhancing the already amazing on-site experience this year is the renovated and expanded Festival Lounge in the Cinema Center, where VIP badge holders can hang out with the creators while enjoying a private bar and restrooms. , a new cuisine menu and private entrance to the festival’s two auditoriums.

Leading the festival’s anticipated lineup are 19 feature films across the spectrum of Nightmares’ categories, from funny and gory horror comedies to taut thrillers and terrifying horror flicks to mind-blowing midnights.

‘Out There Halloween Mega Tape’

Four of this year’s features are part of the special Returning Terrors program, featuring a killer series of long-awaited sequels to films that have taken the genre world by storm, each with its director in attendance. They include the world premieres of WNUF 2Nightmares Special Cut and FP:4EVZthe last movie of the PF franchise; the midwestern premiere of the horror-comedy anthology Spooky Package 2: Rad Chad’s Revenge; and Ohio’s only showing of The barn part II.

The festival is also proud to feature the premier Midwest of Benson and Moorhead’s (Spring, infinity) new feature something in the dirt …Stephen King’s extraordinary analog interpolation The time keepers of eternitymade by printing The Langoliers on paper and animating the pages in a new story of obsession… the North American premiere of the British post-apocalyptic monster movie walk against the rain …the horror anthology’s midwestern premiere Synphonythe first feature film created through a collaboration on the social platform Clubhouse… the French zombie horror comedy bonkers Super-Z … and an unprecedented double feature of mockumentary The Smash past and futureabout two actors who played the same slasher, followed by the film in the “restored” film in which they starred, End zone 2.

‘The Once and Future Smash’

Nightmares special events include the return of one of its best-known traditions, the Midnight spirit fuck – called “one of the most dangerous and difficult programming blocks at any festival” (The Film Coterie) – featuring the northern US premiere of All bloated and full of wormswhich Paste Magazine warned was “disgusting…drippy, slimy, perverted and disturbing”…a one-of-a-kind 35mm projection of James Quinn (flesh of the void) The ruins of a snake kingdom …the homecoming premiere of obstacle corpsethe first horror-comedy feature presented out of competition by the Fright Club podcast team… and the festival’s anticipated annual panels, Social Progress Through Horror and The New Distribution, including distributors and studios.

The festival’s reputation for showcasing the best blocks of shorts on the planet continues with a lineup of 150 horror, thriller, midnight and comedy horror shorts, including dozens of world premieres. New this year, several blocks of themed shorts, including The horrors of cinema, Animated Nightmares, Never play with your food and She just wasn’t herself. The Nightmares recurring blocks will highlight returning NFF audience favorites with new work, and the Ohio Shorts block will offer the best locally made fare.

‘Am here’

Nightmares also named the finalists in its short and feature film script competitions. These screenwriters will have the opportunity to connect with selected filmmakers to explore the production of their screenplays through the NFF FinaLIST matching service.

All films and screenplays selected in competition compete for a coveted Night Mare statuette, representing the dark horses of the genre. The Night Mare is sculpted and painted by a famous toy and action figure designer. Tony Simione (Marvel, Star Wars, Godzilla, Alien).

The full NFF ’22 schedule and list of shortlisted films and finalist scripts can be found here.

For Insomniacs planning their Nightmare pilgrimage this year, some VIP badges are still available, although they still sell out.

Gerald R. Schneider