The Stru Film Festival celebrates local filmmakers

The Stru Film Festival is an annual event largely focused on the development and consolidation of the film industry, particularly within the jurisdiction of Ekurhuleni.
The initiative is a product of the Ekurhuleni Arts, Culture and Entertainment Forum in its tireless efforts to provide foundational opportunities and quality education to talented filmmakers of diverse backgrounds.
It intends to revolutionize the scourge of social issues through art and, precisely, cinema.
The second installment of the event promises to be extremely advanced after the successful launch of the program last year.
In a sign of its scale, the organization received 51 film and documentary submissions ranging from romance and politics to music and empowerment – ​​and a myriad of equally important themes.
All films are deeply rooted in the soil of the home as Stru Film embraces organic content. The final slate includes nine films for the event.
Due to the tremendous growth, the festival will be split into two episodes – a workshop for films that were not selected and the main event for those that were shortlisted.

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The workshop will equip failed production teams with the skills needed to improve the quality of their work and enable them to compete in the upper echelons of the film industry, while the main event will mainly focus on screening the shortlisted films and documentaries, and also presenting awards to celebrate excellence in the aforementioned field.
Art is an escape from the chains of negativity and creativity is a symbol of liberation in cognitive form.
Fittingly, the event will take place during Freedom Month to represent the psychological empowerment that documentaries and films bring to society.
The workshop will take place at AMPD Studios in Newtown Junction on April 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., while the main event will take place at Rhoo Hlatshwayo Art Center in Daveyton on April 8 from 9:00 a.m. until late.
It’s a two day affair of educational fun.

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Although the forum is at the forefront of the event, much of it is hosted by organizations known to have invested heavily in the development of entertainment in the country.
The forum thanked the sponsors, including the Town of Ekurhuleni, the Gauteng Film Commission and the South African Arts and Culture Youth Forum, for their contributions to this beneficial course.
The support of these reputable organizations is important for gradual growth.
Gratitude is also extended to all the filmmakers who submitted their projects – they are an integral part of the industry.
The event can also be streamed live on social media: Ekurhuleni Arts Culture and Recreation Forum (Facebook), Ekurhuleni Art and Culture (YouTube), EkurhuleniArtCultureForum (Instagram) and @Ekurhuleni Art and Culture forum (Twitter).

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