The Sudbury Music Festival takes place in April

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The Sudbury Music Festival, formerly known as the Sudbury Kiwanis Music Festival, will take place in April.

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Although they continue to support us, the Kiwanis Club of Sudbury will no longer be sponsoring the festival. Like many service groups, its membership has dwindled.

In its place, a group of local music teachers and enthusiasts – passionate about the festival and the opportunities it provides for young musicians – formed a new organization, the Sudbury Music Festival.

“The Organizing Board has been working with Zoom for eight months to ensure music students in Sudbury and area have the opportunity to perform and compete as they have for the past 75 years,” said festival board chairman Ralph McIntosh. “Although the process has had its challenges, we look forward to entering a new era on a positive note.”

This year’s festival will take place online as COVID-19 precautions continue to restrict the size of social gatherings. Instead of performing live for a judge, entrants will film their performance(s) and upload the video(s) to YouTube. Entrants in each category will meet their judges on Zoom to view the videos together and receive their feedback and ratings.

“Our goal is to create as meaningful an experience as possible for attendees,” McIntosh added. “The online format has worked very well in 2021 and although we want musicians to be able to experience the excitement of live performances, the festival board is pleased that we can continue to provide an online alternative.”

The festival board is delighted to announce that Louis Simão will oversee the 2022 competition as festival coordinator. Simão is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has worked with many distinguished artists and ensembles. He was named Global Solo Artist of the Year in 2017 by the Canadian Folk Music Awards. Until recently, he was based in Toronto, but now lives in Greater Sudbury.

Tony Jurgilas of 50 Carleton designed a new logo for the music festival. It incorporates the blue and gold colors of the Kiwanis Club, a tribute to the club’s 75 years of support for the festival.

Musicians and singers must register by February 28; the deadline for submitting videos is March 25. For more information, visit

[email protected]

Twitter: @SudburyStar

Gerald R. Schneider