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Whether it’s an overnight event or an all-week deal, here’s what guests are likely to need when they attend their favorite music festivals.

A hotel may offer maximum comfort, but the excitement of a music festival lies in its camp. This is one of the reasons why some of the larger camps are typically seen at music festivals. In the camps, guests can see the view of sunrise and sunset and also witness all the live action of the event, from testing the microphones to taking down the stage on the final day.

Camping at the event venue comes at a cost, however, as music festivals not only include great music and lovely camping space, but can also include ruthless sunshine, heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures. . Dust, dirt, and sweat are also the list of things that customers sometimes have to put up with. To stay healthy and fully enjoy the festival, these types of equipment should be included in your music festival checklist.

ten Cash for transactions

While it may seem obvious, it’s important to note the importance of cash in certain environments. Not all places accept credit cards and this is where cash becomes prestigious.

  • Tip 1: To minimize the amount of money available, make payments for tickets and other important requirements with a credit card before arriving at the music festival venue. If possible, bring all the money you need to avoid using ATMs on site.
  • Tip 2: Fanny packs are a great way to keep your money safe and with you at all times.

9 Mobile phones for communication and images

Even though not many people forget their nearest gadget, a reminder is needed to make sure this never happens. Music festival venues are usually crowded, which means friends and family can easily get lost. A cell phone is important in this case for effective communication and staying together. Taking photos, recording videos, receiving weather alerts, reading the news and calling 911 are reasons why a cell phone is essential for every music festival.

  • Advice: Many festivals provide electricity to guests, and a charger will come in handy in case your device needs more juice.

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8 Sunglasses, hats or caps

Music festival venues are located in open fields, leaving people in direct exposure to sunlight which can be harmful to the eyes or skin. In order to stay out of direct sunlight (which is inevitable during summer music festivals), sunglasses and hats are essential.

7 Footwear for foot protection and long lasting hours

Comfortable shoes with strong soles are important to keep the feet safe during the music festival. Sometimes the shoes can also serve the added purpose of hiking or other outdoor activities. Scandals and flip flops are also great additions to the shoe collection and they come in handy when feet crave freedom.

6 Mask, handkerchief and bandana

To avoid skin irritation from sweating, a handkerchief is essential and this is pretty obvious as guests will undoubtedly be sweating. When the dancing also gets intense, harmful dust particles fill the air, which is why a face mask or bandana will act as an air filter so that your lungs are not soiled with dirt.

5 Weather clothing

Knowing the current season is the first step in selecting clothes for a music festival. In winter; coats, stockings and gloves are necessary while lighter clothes such as sleeveless are great for summer music festivals (which are more common). Weather changes are also frequent during the summer; therefore, guests should also include rain gear, scarf, and umbrellas to their summer music festival equipment lists.

  • Tips: During rainy periods, clothes that dry easily will help you adapt quickly to sudden rain.

4 Shelter Tent

Larger tents offer more space, but customers should check their space limits before setting up large tents. However, options are available for customers who wish to have more space for their tents. This rule also applies to RV owners, but that’s a less important thing to worry about since few music festivals allow RVs.

  • Tip1: Flags can be placed on top tents to differentiate them from one another and help guests easily spot their tent over long distances
  • Tip 2: Tent-setting tools such as hammers and small knives will be a big help when it comes to pitching a tent.

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3 Blankets, pillows and mattresses

Good comfortable sleep is essential for having a good experience at the main events of a music festival. While the mattress provides a soft landing for the body; the blanket provides warmth and the pillow keeps the head resting on a soft spot away from the hardness of the earth.

  • Advice: Air mattresses work best because they can be inflated, deflated, and transported easily.

2 A bottle of water and non-perishable food

Water bottles can be used to collect water from taps or clean water sources and help save money, as packaged water can be expensive on music festival grounds. In order to maintain strength, food is necessary and in this case, non-perishable foods work best because fresh foods may not stay in good shape for long.

  • Advice: Food trucks are available at the campsites in case you need additional food.

1 Other checklist items

Items never seem to be enough because it always feels like something is missing and sometimes something can actually be missing even after careful packaging. Include this equipment to make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing.

  • Toothbrush and toothbrush
  • Flashlights
  • Toiletries
  • Napkin
  • Your identity card
  • Garbage bag
  • Earplugs
  • Camping chairs

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