Wolfe Brothers hit the beach for Groundwater Country Music Festival


The end of the year is fast approaching and country stars The Wolfe Brothers have just played their first gig since the pandemic swept the world.

“We just had a wonderful weekend in Warwick at a rodeo there,” said band member Tom Wolfe.

“You could tell in the audience that people were so happy to dance. Literally, a big storm came up and nobody left.

“Everyone stood out in the rain dancing, having the best possible fun.”

Since they rose to fame in 2012 on “Australia’s Got Talent”, Tom and his brother Nick have been working at a rapid pace, writing, recording and touring non-stop, until the pandemic brought the world to life. in quarantine.

Now that Australia is starting to lift the blockages, the duo are set to leave their home in Tasmania to perform live on the continent, including a concert at the Groundwater Country Music Festival on the Gold Coast next week.

While the lockdown was an inconvenience, the Wolfe brothers took the time to relax. For Tom, he was able to spend time at home in Tasmania on the family farm and enjoy fatherhood with his newborn daughter.

However, that didn’t stop the Wolfe Brothers from continuing to work on their fifth album, ‘Kids On Cassette’. “It was an experience making the album,” says Tom.

“We started before the lockdown and then we ended up locked in. It was a bit of a process to save things and get there. I think it took my brother’s life years but we got there. . “

The brothers had started recording in North America with producer Matt Fell, but once the lockdown began, they moved to Nick’s home studio dubbed The Wolfe’s Lair.

Nick took over production and the band strived to find the classic albums of their youth, many of which were heard on tapes in the family car.

They decided to add variety to their country sound to provide listeners with an adventurous listening experience, incorporating sounds such as reggae, INXS’s razor-sharp rhythm guitars, and, bizarrely, a bagpipe solo.

“We were a little scared about that,” laughs Tom. “When we were doing the bagpipes, I was like, ‘Is that really a good idea? I give all the credit to Matt Fell, who produced this track, it thinks outside the box.

“We wanted to push ourselves and push what we’re doing and grow, and I think we really did that on this one. It has everything that people love, but we just experimented and go a little further, and people seem to like it. “

Along with new sounds, the brothers were also able to open up to more collaboration, this time with American country duo LoCash, former Southern Sons frontman Jack Jones and Sheppard’s Amy Sheppard.

Tom attributes this to the decrease in their schedules and the increase in Zoom meetings. “A lot of the people we love to write with are often halfway around the world, or we have to travel to Sydney and drive somewhere to meet them.

“So it was great to go, ‘you’re locked out; I’m locked out. Let’s jump into Zoom and try.’ It was definitely a positive for us, and we still use it today.

“I write a song through Zoom every week, so it definitely changed the way people do it.”

Now that Australia has started to open up its borders, the Wolfe Brothers are eager to perform face to face with their fans. They will soon be touring Queensland, from Cairns to Brisbane.

But first, they’ll perform at the Gold Coast Groundwater Festival – a gig they’ve loved in the past and are excited to return to. “We love this festival,” says Tom.

“We’ve had some of our best gigs in Groundwater. I love that it’s free for punters and I love that the city invests in live music and knows it’s going to attract people.

“We’re going to bring a great show and we’ll be ready to party.” I can’t wait to go to the beach. With winter in Tassie, you don’t cry to go to the beach.

“You might even see me in the water there, which might be scary for some of the bettors,” he laughs.

The Groundwater Country Music Festival (Gold Coast) runs November 12-14 and is a free event.

2021 Groundwater Country Music Festival lineup

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Caitlyn shadbolt
Camille Trail
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Dana gehrman
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Nathalie Pearson
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Pete Cullen and Salliana Cambell
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Sammy White
Sara Storer
Sarah Savane
Sue ray
Suga owens
Taylor Mousse
The Audrey
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The Tony Q group
The Whiskey Mountain Boys
The Wolfe brothers
These idle hands
Troy cassar daley
Will day


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